HADRON DINGHIES are proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with MTag Composites for the moulding of H2 hulls. http://www.mtagcomposites.co.uk

MTag has an excellent record of manufacturing all kinds of mouldings, including some very well known racing dinghies. MTag will manufacture the complete H2 hull – i.e. 3 mouldings, bonded and finished. Simon Hipkin at Hadron Dinghies will continue to fit out the boats and will offer layout and finishing customisations as at present. A full range of colour choices will remain available.

Simon will be collaborating with MTag over the next few weeks to produce new moulds, which will be created from the existing tooling. The moulding process will be supervised by Simon and he will ensure that all quality criteria are met. Simon will then fit out and customise the boat to your specification. This upgrade to our manufacturing capacity will enable a trebling of output. Thus we can now offer a new H2 for Spring 2023 if you order NOW.

One of the recent H2s, built in August 2022
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