There are now several H2s on the water and here are some of the comments from the first 3 owners.

Dick Holden (H2 #105)
I absolutely love the boat Keith. It is just brilliant.
To me, close reaching in a big sea is certainly the most fun. If I manage to get to Heaven I plan to spend the first 15,000 years just doing this.
I find it quick upwind. It is quick downwind. But on a beam reach – especially in waves – it is stunning.
I remain absolutely delighted with the boat which is exactly what I wanted. It attracts huge interest.

Kevin Connolly (H2 #106)
It is such a great feeling every time we meet you and Simon and share the great pride you show in the H2. I am going to sail it every day next week and let you know how it feels. It already feels a privilege to just own it!
I just had to write to let you know what a brilliant sail I had today on our race down and back on the River Deben. When the wind got up to 15mph+ on a tight reach and then on a wider one the boat just took off and sat on the plane like it was on rails. I never once felt that I would lose control. It was the best fun I’ve had in a boat for years or perhaps ever! Thank you for designing such a great boat.

Ian Dawson (H2 #104)
It’s a masterpiece.

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