Hadron Dinghies Price Increase Announcement

Due to various inflationary factors, Hadron Dinghies will be increasing the purchase price of the standard Hadron H2 dinghy by 3.5%, effective from 1st May 2021. All orders confirmed before that date will be honoured at the current price of £10,295. After 1st May the price will be £10,650. This is our first increase for two years but we cannot rule out a further increase should commodity prices continue to rise. Prices of certain accessories and options may also be increased by a similar amount.

H2 Class Chairman Dave Barker at the 2020 Nationals
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2 Responses to Hadron Dinghies Price Increase Announcement

  1. Chris Hirschi says:

    Hi, interested in the H2. Any dealers in California or the United States?

    Thank you-Chris H.

    • HDLadmin says:

      Hello Chris, and thanks for your interest in the Hadron H2. We are getting an increasing number of enquiries from all over the world but at present we are focussing on building our support in the UK. In the last year or so we have built up a 12 month backlog of orders but we have recently outsourced the production of the H2 mouldings to MTag Composites, a company with the experience and capacity to meet current and future demand. So we hope that soon we will be able to offer the H2 in places such as the US and Australia – at least that is our dream.

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