Welcome to the new Hadron website

The HADRON H2 Dinghy

The fast, manageable, elegant, singlehander dinghy thatĀ is a delight to sail and own.

This is the new website for Hadron dinghy owners, prospective purchasersĀ and others who are interested in the development of the Hadron H2.

The site was created on 19 February 2016 and is still under construction. We hope to be fully operational by the RYA Dinghy Show (5-6 March).

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6 Responses to Welcome to the new Hadron website

  1. Mark Hainsworth says:

    Brilliant news.. Anything that we can do at Alton water to help you out… Demos posters, open days, links on website.. Let me know… I am the chair there.

  2. HDLadmin says:

    Mark, that’s very proactive of you. Thank you for the offer. We would certainly like to make use of the facilities at Alton Water this year.

  3. Mike Storey says:

    Looks great. You are welcome for a test drive at Island Barn Reservoir SC any time. Mike

    • HDLadmin says:

      Mike, thanks for the invitation. If you can give me the names of 3 or 4 of your clubmates who would be interested in a test sail, we can bring two H2s along to Island Barn.

  4. Nigel Milligan says:

    I saw the boat at the Dinghy Show. Will it be possible to have a mainsheet track instead of the bridle? I like to sit on the thwart in light airs to lift the stern out of the water.

    Any plans for trial sails?

    • HDLadmin says:

      Nigel, draft Class Rules are in being and the intention is to have a strictly one-design hull and centreboard but to allow some freedom with fittings layout. So certainly a mainsheet track will be an option.
      We plan to take our two demo boats around to any club that can muster 3 or 4 interested people and can provide us with a suitable date that does not clash with another club. So it’s down to you to let us know who is interested and when we can come and visit you.

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